Saturday, August 12, 2017

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Anugerah Muzik Sarawak 2017 Season 1

Anugerah Muzik Sarawak 2017 Season 1

Good news to all our local music lover out there.

Anugerah Muzik Sarawak 2017 (AMS) first season organized by Junior Chamber International (JCI) Sibujaya and Staven Event Management Sarawak (SEMS).

An Anugerah Muzik Sarawak 2017 Season 1 already in progress for voting the most popular songs with selected categories.

Who should join Anugerah Muzik Sarawak 2017?

There're are no limited on this term, any singer's, artistes and production has release their songs 2012- 2016 can join Anugerah Muzik Sarawak 2017.

Close date for submission will be 31 October 2017.

 So do it right now by submit you songs to Anugerah Muzik Sarawak 2017 official pages.

For Term and Condition Anugerah Muzik Sarawak 2017 do contact;

1. Ernie Diana Latz - kategori lagu Iban, (Whatsapp 011-2680 2830)
2. Spanski Steven - kategori lagu Org Ulu, (whatsapp 014 -680 6929)
3. Ayubee Bee - kategori lagu Melayu, (Whatsapp 016- 676 5368)
4. Leslie Tnay - kategori lagu Cina, (whatsapp 012- 808 3366)

And others categories, contact Steven Hii Sian Kwang - 0198344022 or Mr. Bennet Sigat.

Or follow Anugerah Muzik Sarawak 2017 on social media;

*click given link to get through their official social media.

1. Facebook Pages: Anugerah Muzik Sarawak 2017
2. Facebook Group: GROUP Anugerah Muzik Sarawak (AMS)
3. Email:

Anugerah Muzik Sarawak 2017 categories

1. Most Popular Iban Song, Lagu Iban Paling Popular
2. Most Popular Bidayuh Song, Lagu Bidayuh Paling Popular
3. Most Popular Melanau Song, Lagu Melanau Paling Popular
4. Most Popular Malay Song, Lagu Melayu Paling Popular
5. Most Popular Chinese Song, Lagu Cina Paling Popular
6. Most Popular Others Clan Song, Lagu Lain - Lain Paling Popular

For voting, just go to GROUP Anugerah Muzik Sarawak (AMS) by click on the Poll box, click as much as you like, the more the better for weekly poll vote.

Anugerah Muzik Sarawak 2017 Season 1 finale will be held on 16 December 2017, any update just follow Anugerah Muzik Sarawak pages or group.

Wrap Up; Anugerah Muzik Sarawak 2017 Season 1 is a stage to recognized our local artiste and production especially for SARAWAK.

Do support Anugerah Muzik Sarawak 2017 Season 1 by voting you favorite songs, share it and viral it guy's cause the power is on your hand +Phone.   

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