Thursday, May 14, 2015

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LUH Disco Dangdut Lagu Iban Vol. 11 (Iban Song) Album Coming Soon

Dangdut fever is back again whether you love it or not but mostly it a must hear genre all-time. It's well blend from the original resource of popular dangdut now-day especially like this 'Klepek Klepek' song by Hesty.

Disco Dangdut Vol. 11  album will be coming soon and it's under release of LUH Music Production. To those who favor this dangdut genres shall felt in love with it.

The album shall be feature Pretty Nina, Bolkiah Rewina, Lucyna, Emma Anthony, Nicholas and Mali Amali.

Tune up the volume and here's the track-list of Disco Dangdut Vol. 11 (Iban Song):

01. Aunty Lii - Pretty Nina
02. Anang Beduan Anak Urang - Bolkiah & Lucyna
03. Semina Nuan - Emma Anthony
04. Enda Lebu Nganti - Pretty Nina
05. Bekaban Tauka Bepangan - Bolkiah Rewinna
06. Kempang - Lucyna
07. Aku Semina Penyangkai - Nicholas
08. Bujang Tauka Duda - Mali Amali

Just click the preview of all the tracks song above and you guy's shall now what I mean.

Hope the review will highlight you guy's cause LUH Disco Dangdut Lagu Iban Vol. 11 (Iban Song) Album will be Coming Soon.

If you guy's want more dost of our local music do share Ruai Music Dayak to your friends and subcribes.

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