Sunday, August 20, 2017

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Pamelia David 'Aya Pulai Belelang' Album Review

Pamelia David 'Aya Pulai Belelang' Album Review

Pamelia David 'Aya Pulai Belelang' album cover, credit goes to TTRS & KMP

Twin Tone Recording Studio (TTRS) and Kaban Music Production (KMP) will be cooperate each other with their latest coming album 'Aya Pulai Belelang', artiste Pamelia David.

As mention by the production, Pamelia David 'Aya Pulai Belelang' album shall release on this August 2017.

Enough chit chat, come on let view all the track list on the  'Aya Pulai Belelang' album.

Pamelia David 'Aya Pulai Belelang' Album tracks-list review;

01. Lenyau Pia Aja
02. Idup Mati Ba Jari Nuan
03. Aya Pulai Belelang
04. Entara Dua
05. Dilengka Di Kampung Puang
06. Benih Pengerindu
07. Anang Teanti-Anti
08. Bungai Beduri

Do check out the album preview of Pamelia David 'Aya Pulai Belelang' tracks below for your consideration and digesting to your ear guy's.

Playlist: Pamelia David 'Aya Pulai Belelang' Album Review

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Aya Pulai Belelang (Pamelia David) Album Review; TTRS & KMP.

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