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WAIfm - Bidayuh Songs Chart Episode 29 / 2017

Susun Carta Lagu-Lagu Bidayuh; WAIfm Bidayuh 2015

Updated: August 12, 2017

Welcome to WAIfm - Bidayuh Songs Chart  Episode (Susun Carta Lagu-Lagu Bidayuh) Susun Carta Episode 29/2017; where we like to expose all the bidayuh song that has been  feature and air on the Sarawak local radio station.

Hope this share of WAIfm Bidayuh song chart shall acknowledge more information on our talented bidayuh singers and band out there. Refer below the for the new updated chart list for episode (Carta Lagu Bidayuh) 29/2017 bidayuh songs chart reviews and you can listen the song on the playlist given also.

A List Of Bidayuh Songs Chart Episode 29/2017

Susun Carta Lagu-Lagu Bidayuh Episode 29/2017; WAI fm Bidayuh. As for lyrics and video, the link of the each single songs a provided.

Just click the link with color to directly to the songs lyrics or video. Info: not all the lagu bidayuh song below include with the video and lyrics; so subscribes first to reviews that updated songs.

01. Crita Edih - Ewin Nelson   - VideoLyrics
02. Kuu Darum Atinku - TRUFORCE   - VideoLyrics
03. Anih Sarahku - James MJ   - VideoLyrics
04. Sampe Atik - Heavenstars   - VideoLyrics
05. Cinta Ku Totap Setia - The Skyband   - VideoLyrics
06. Birajung - Greg   - VideoLyrics
07. Tipolak Timusub - Bimadih Band   - VideoLyrics
08. Masik - Brendan Peter   - VideoLyrics
09. Kamboi Yoh Nog - Class 89   - VideoLyrics
10. Udip Anyap Nasip - Someday   - VideoLyrics

New: Nogap Pingirindu - Dino & Patricia   - VideoLyrics
[Out]. Sampe Aseng - Nuoduon   - VideoLyrics

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Listen & View: WAIfm - Bidayuh Songs Chart

 * To listen the video music video just click [play all]

I hope the WAIfm - Bidayuh Songs Chart that listed above will add an interest to you all to support them by voting at WAIfm Bidayuh official fb pages.

Last not less, i would like to take a opportunity to give a credit to WAI fm bidayuh and Lirik Lagu Bidayuh for the extra info. on the songs that listed.

Here's the link for the official site that i have credit, as per-view below.

See you all for another Susun Carta Lagu-Lagu Bidayuh Episode 29/2017; WAIfm Bidayuh and keep in touch with me at Ruai Music Dayak for music updated.

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