Saturday, August 12, 2017

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Lucy M 6th Album On The Way

Lucy M 6th Album On The Way

It will be coming soon guy's.

6th album from our lovely Lucy M is on the way making right now.

Too keep on tracked on Lucy M new on her album do follow her on official Lucy M Fan Page [Here].

Here's the tracks that has been share by Lucy M on 6th album;

01. Pengerindu Tebasau
02. Enda Ibuh Beambu Isan
03. Kumbaiku Nuan
04. Betempap Sepiak Jari
05. Pengerindu Mi Kampua
06. Sebana Bungai Merinsa
07. Bungkus Abus Tekesai Abu
08. Anang Nguntik Sulu Aku
09. Ngiga Umpan Kesa
10. Setaun Sekali

Bonus track 
11. Tetap Teguh ft. Afee U-topia

Wow, what a lovely tracks shown above, wonder how it sound.

Actually bonus tracks 'Tetap Teguh Lucy M ft. Afee U-topia' can be hear on YouTube channel and it's been air on our local radio station.

Check it out Tetap Teguh Lucy M ft. Afee U-topia

We got to wait for more on this guy's and I will share any update on Lucy M 6th album later.

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