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Carta Sapa Juara Waifm Iban, JULY 2018

Carta Sapa Juara Waifm Iban, Begulai Sejalai

Updated: July 08, 2018 Weeks: 27, CSJ ba tusun ke 24/M1/Julai/2018

souce: Carta Sapa Juara Waifm Iban

Got to share to you guy's with another chart from our local radio station Waifm Iban. The chart that i mention to you guy is Carta Sapa Juara Waifm for 2018.

All the source of the Carta Sapa Juara Waifm listed are reference from Waifm Iban, so credit goes for them.

If you guy's wanna change the position of the Waifm Carta Sapa Juara do visit their official Waifm group as the source link given above.

Let view the top 10 of Carta Sapa Juara Waifm Iban 2018, 24/M1/Julai/2018

No 1: Tanggam Rat Ba Ati - Alexander Peter >> video | lyrics
No 2: Salam Ari Tasik Biru - Nelson Nehru  >> video | lyrics
No 3: Indai - NK Yongai >> video | lyrics
No 4: Tebeleka - Florence Lo >> video | lyrics
No 5: Jauh - Tony RPG >> video | lyrics
No 6: Jempuk - Taju Remaong  >> video | lyrics
No 7: Siti Sumpah Siti Janji - Dominic Christy  >> video | lyrics
No 8: Nesal - Endless Band  >> video | lyrics
No 9: Penyayau Indai - Awin Borneo >> video | lyrics

New: Kenang - Altruist Band >> video | lyrics

Ayas Nuan - The Crew  >> video | lyrics

***just click the given link to visit the each of video and lyrics from the list of Carta Sapa Juara Waifm as per-review above or view all the music video as provide below.

"Betemu ba CSJ Tusun ke 24/M1/Julai/2018 ke sekalitu. aram sama ngundi ba lagu ti dichalunka taja undi fb CSJ semina diungkupka ngagai 40% aja." , credit goes to, Carta Sapa Juara Waifm Iban

The playlist of Carta Sapa Juara Waifm Iban 2018

***click and play for view all the songs video.

Do visit Carta Sapa Juara Waifm Iban 2018 for new updated result chart list, who will be on the top of the chart and who's going down.

All the result are depend on your guy's voting.

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