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Saturday, August 27, 2016

WAIfm - Bidayuh Songs Chart Episode 33/ 2016

Susun Carta Lagu-Lagu Bidayuh; WAIfm Bidayuh 2015

Updated: August 27, 2016

Welcome to WAIfm - Bidayuh Songs Chart  Episode (Susun Carta Lagu-Lagu Bidayuh) Episode 33/ 2016; where we like to expose all the bidayuh song that has been  feature and air on the Sarawak local radio station.

Hope this share of WAIfm Bidayuh song chart shall acknowledge more information on our talented bidayuh singers and band out there. Refer below the for the new updated chart list for episode 28/2016 bidayuh songs chart reviews and you can listen the song on the playlist given also.

Lagu Tebilang Cats, Cats FM 2016

Updated: August 27, 2016

Weeks 34: Lagu Tebilang Cats, Cats Fm Charts

Hey guy's, it's already AUGUST 2016, so any songs do you like to see on the top of  Cats fm charts for this month? Grab an information about the latest up to date Lagu Tebilang Cats, Cats Fm charts where all the source and result are coming from Cats Fm.

Just vote guy's. Here's the latest Carta Mingguan Ke 34 of Carta Lagu Tebilang CATS on Cats Fm; for the voters keep on voting your favorite songs and artists if you all like to see them take the no.1 places on Lagu Tebilang CATS and continues to stand on the Carta Lagu Tebilang CATS.

Carta Lagu Tebilang CATS, CATS FM 2016

Carta Lagu Tebilang CATS setiap SABTU jam 2pm hingga 5pm

How to vote your favorite lagu iban on carta Lagu Tebilang CATS? Easy guy's, just hit the button  "VOTE" on the official Lagu Tebilang CATS chart link on Cats Fm website > Here

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Latest album from KMP "Kesaika Bulu Siga" Iva Stanley

Album 'Kesaika Bulu Siga' Iva Stanley Review 2016 (KMP)

After the huge impact as success on the album Shasha Julian "Bujang Sebuyau"; Kaban Music Production (KMP) forth album "Kesaika Bulu Siga".

"Kesaika Bulu Siga" album featuring a new artiste from their production such as Iva Stanley and Isaac.

Not only that, the composer that involve on the making of the album "Kesaika Bulu Siga" Iva Stanley are also contribute a lot the success of this album.

The composer for the album are Robert Bell Sebuyau, Matthius Mambang, Jesley Jabu, Lewelyn Lawas Julin and the singer her-self  Iva Stanley.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Semifinalist: ANUGERAH Carta Sapa Juara (ACSJ) 2016

Semifinalist: ANUGERAH Carta Sapa Juara (ACSJ) 2016

3rd edition of Anugerah Carta Sapa Juara (ACSJ) 2016 is back, that will be held at Dewan Suarah Sibu, 20 August, on 2 pm.

Anugerah Carta Sapa Juara (ACSJ) 2016 featuring 23 semifinalists where's 17 solo artists and 6 bands who had topped the charts in four radio stations throughout the year 2015 will be compete on the event.

But sadly, 4 semifinalist withdrew for reasons which can not be avoided.