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Sunday, January 15, 2017

2nd Single by Nuttella Band "Nuan Enda Kiruh" Review

Lyric : Leonard A. James
Music : Nuttella Band

After they got a well welcome on their first single 'Penyalah Aku'.

Nuttella Band now release their 2nd single entitle 'Nuan Enda Kiruh' on the official YouTube channel: NUTTELLABAND OFFICIAL about 3 weeks ago.

Album 'Pengerindu Sabun Mandi' Eisner Nala Review

Album 'Pengerindu Sabun Mandi' Eisner Nala Review

pic source credit to ochsp

Eisner Nala known by the previous album 'Keling Pesaka', where her top hits songs such as Tebeleka Ketegal Pemula, Selipar Jepun and others has raised her name own Dayak Music Industry.

Know, she is coming with a latest album entitled  'Pengerindu Sabun Mandi' under OCH Production.

WAIfm - Bidayuh Songs Chart Episode 1/2017

Susun Carta Lagu-Lagu Bidayuh; WAIfm Bidayuh 2015

Updated: January 15, 2017

Welcome to WAIfm - Bidayuh Songs Chart  Episode (Susun Carta Lagu-Lagu Bidayuh) Episode 1/2017; where we like to expose all the bidayuh song that has been  feature and air on the Sarawak local radio station.

Hope this share of WAIfm Bidayuh song chart shall acknowledge more information on our talented bidayuh singers and band out there. Refer below the for the new updated chart list for episode (Carta Lagu Bidayuh) 1/2017 bidayuh songs chart reviews and you can listen the song on the playlist given also.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Heritage Band Release Their New Single "LESI"

Another cool story about Heritage Band.

Yeah, they already released their latest single on the official YouTube channel and it has a wow factor on it. The single entitled "LESI".