Sunday, July 01, 2018

Album ‘Ensera Paragon’ Masterpiece Coming Soon

Gonna share a good news about Masterpiece coming album, ‘Ensera Paragon’.

As quote by Depha Masterpiece the album ‘Ensera Paragon’ will be out soon, probably this July 2018 on his official Facebook pages..

"Aram sama ningaka renggat lagu-lagu dalam album tebaru Masterpiece & dalam beberapa ari da agi kami madahka haribulan album tu berengkah dijual. Terima kasih nuju semua kita ti meruan nyukung Masterpiece" - Depha Masterpiece

Top 10 Lirik Lagu Iban Search on JULY 2018

Top 10 Lirik Lagu Iban Search on JULY 2018

All source of top 10 lirik lagu iban search on July 2018 -

Here's something new to share?

Yes, is a list of top 10 lirik lagu iban that has been search by lagu iban music lover out there.

Not further delay, let's us meet an greet all the top 10 lirik lagu iban search as shown below.

Cats Xposed Ethnic Division JULY 2018, Cats FM

Cats Xposed Ethnic Division July 2018, Cats FM playlist

Updated: July 08, 2018

1st of all Ruai Music Dayak would like to credit back to Cats Fm (a local Sarawak radio station) for the source that been share on blogs.

Cats Fm has taken another step to recognized our local Sarawak ethnic songs with their newly chart show entitled Cats Xposed Ethnic Division.

Cats Xposed Ethnic Division aired on Sunday, from 2PM until 4PM, so make take a note on this guy's.

WAIfm - Bidayuh Songs Chart Episode 27/2018

Susun Carta Lagu Bidayuh Episode 2018; WAIfm Bidayuh. Carta Lagu Bidayuh Ep. 2018

picture source: WAIfm Bidayuh

Updated: July 08, 2018

Welcome to WAIfm - Bidayuh Songs Chart  Episode (Susun Carta Lagu-Lagu Bidayuh) Susun Carta Episode 27/2018; where we like to expose all the bidayuh song that has been  feature and air on the Sarawak local radio station.

Hope this share of WAIfm Bidayuh song chart shall acknowledge more information on our talented bidayuh singers and band out there. Refer below the for the new updated chart list for episode (Carta Lagu Bidayuh) 25/2018 bidayuh songs chart reviews and you can listen the song on the playlist given also.