Saturday, January 13, 2018

Teaser of 'Chelum Manis Burak Lis' Eyqa Saiful, KMP 2018

Kaban Music Production (KMP) Sdn Bhd has a good news to you guy's.

A teaser single from Eyqa Saiful that famously known 'Padamka Nama Aku' has been exposed with latest single 'Chelum Manis Burak Lis'.

As info. by KMP, single 'Chelum Manis Burak Lis' is a coming tracks from Eyqa new album EMPELEMAN.

Monday, January 01, 2018

Top 10 Lirik Lagu Iban Search on JANUARY 2018

Top 10 Lirik Lagu Iban Search

All source of top 10 lirik lagu iban search on January 2018 -

Here's something new to share?

Yes, is a list of top 10 lirik lagu iban that has been search by lagu iban music lover out there.

Not further delay, let's us meet an greet all the top 10 lirik lagu iban search as shown below.

Carta Sapa Juara Waifm Iban, JANUARY 2018

Carta Sapa Juara Waifm Iban, Begulai Sejalai

Updated: January 13, 2018 Weeks: 02, CSJ ba tusun ke 2/M2/JAN/2018

souce: Carta Sapa Juara Waifm Iban

Got to share to you guy's with another chart from our local radio station Waifm Iban. The chart that i mention to you guy is Carta Sapa Juara Waifm for 2018.

All the source of the Carta Sapa Juara Waifm listed are reference from Waifm Iban, so credit goes for them.

If you guy's wanna change the position of the Waifm Carta Sapa Juara do visit their official Waifm group as the source link given above.

Lagu Tebilang Cats, Cats FM 2018

Updated: January 13, 2018

Weeks 2: Lagu Tebilang Cats, Cats Fm Charts

Hey guy's, it's already JANUARY 2018, so any songs do you like to see on the top of  Cats fm charts for this month? Grab an information about the latest up to date Lagu Tebilang Cats, Cats Fm charts where all the source and result are coming from Cats Fm.

Just vote guy's. Here's the latest Carta Mingguan Ke 2 of Carta Lagu Tebilang CATS on Cats Fm; for the voters keep on voting your favorite songs and artists if you all like to see them take the no.1 places on Lagu Tebilang CATS and continues to stand on the Carta Lagu Tebilang CATS.

Carta Lagu Tebilang CATS, CATS FM 2017

Carta Lagu Tebilang CATS setiap SABTU jam 2pm hingga 5pm

How to vote your favorite lagu iban on carta Lagu Tebilang CATS? Easy guy's, just hit the button  "VOTE" on the official Lagu Tebilang CATS chart link on Cats Fm website > Here