Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Leez Zwita Album 'Ukai Antah Dipilih Nuan' Available on Amazon

Leez Zwita Album 'Ukai Antah Dipilih Nuan' Available on Amazon

Here's a good news to those who wanna get Leez Zwita album 'Ukai Antah Dipilih Nuan' in digital music format.

Yes, it's available to purchase on Amazon store right-now.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Bolkiah Rewinna 'Tetap Nganti' Album Review

Bolkiah Rewinna 'Tetap Nganti' Album Review

Here's a review for a new release album entitled 'Tetap Nganti' by LUH artiste Bolkiah Rewinna.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

WAIfm - Bidayuh Songs Chart Episode 4/2017

Susun Carta Lagu-Lagu Bidayuh; WAIfm Bidayuh 2015

Updated: February 05, 2017

Welcome to WAIfm - Bidayuh Songs Chart  Episode (Susun Carta Lagu-Lagu Bidayuh) Episode 4/2017; where we like to expose all the bidayuh song that has been  feature and air on the Sarawak local radio station.

Hope this share of WAIfm Bidayuh song chart shall acknowledge more information on our talented bidayuh singers and band out there. Refer below the for the new updated chart list for episode (Carta Lagu Bidayuh) 4/2017 bidayuh songs chart reviews and you can listen the song on the playlist given also.

Carta Sapa Juara Waifm Iban (February) 2017

Carta Sapa Juara Waifm Iban, Begulai Sejalai

Updated: February 05, 2017 Weeks: 06, 4/M1/FEB/2017

souce: Carta Sapa Juara Waifm Iban

Got to share to you guy's with another chart from our local radio station Waifm Iban. The chart that i mention to you guy is Carta Sapa Juara Waifm for 2017.

All the source of the Carta Sapa Juara Waifm listed are reference from Waifm Iban, so credit goes for them.

If you guy's wanna change the position of the Waifm Carta Sapa Juara do visit their official Waifm group as the source link given above.