Saturday, October 07, 2017

Direct Flight 4th Single 'Jujur' Review

Direct Flight 4th Single 'Jujur' Review

This is not ordinary Direct Flight as you all known.

But this Direct Flight has been flying high with their own standard music and it make us proud of them.

What i'm babbling about Direct Flight?

Direct Flight is a band guys', a bidayuh band consist of 6 members that has been rocking with their own genres and they succeeds on it.

Ewin Nelson 'Crita Edih' Official Teaser

Check this out guy's.

A single from Ewin Nelson entitled 'Crita Edih', a bidayuh song that worth to heard.

Crita Edih Official MV will be released on October 10, 2017.

Candy Dylam 'Kumang Mereti' Album Review

Candy Dylam 'Kumang Mereti' Album Review

Congrats to Candy Dylam on her officially new release album that has been out for previous month.

Candy Dylam album entitled 'Kumang Mereti' if you guy's still haven't heard about it.

Her single Kumang Mereti has been well accepted from our dayak music lover, it you love some twits and joget songs don't forget to listen kumang mereti by candy dylam.

Cause once you listen to it, it make you feet can stop doing anything.

Madeline Minggu Debut Solo Album Review

Madeline Minggu Debut Solo Album Review
Pic. credit goes to Madeline Minggu

Anyone know Madeline Minggu?

If not, I will help to clear your view about Madeline Minggu (DaraManisTan16).

Madeline Minggu is from Bintulu, Sarawak, ages 18 years with a husky voice that taken you to deep inner circle to digest her voice especially with her latest single that been on YouTube 'Rahsia Ati'.

She is not new on dayak music, where's she been featuring previous ANP gawai compilation album, one of her gawai single is 'Rancak Begulai Gawai'.