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Shasha Julian "Bujang Atas Meligai" Album Review

Shasha Julian "Bujang Atas Meligai" Album Review

Credit: Photo taken from KMP YouTube channel

"Mayuh betanya kemaya album ke-2 Shasha Julian keluar? Album SJ Vol 2 deka dikeluar entara bulan 7 enggau bulan 8 taun tu. Kami naka ulih ngasilka album kedua SJ enggau kualiti ti chukup manah ari segi lagu-lagu enggau musik iya. Arapka bala peminat besabar nganti album tu." - by Kaban Music Production

Shasha Julian is not another unfamiliar faces on our dayak music industry right-now.

The success on her debut album 'Bujang Sebuyau' itself has prove that Shasha Julian are well accepted on our local music scene.

Not forget her single 'Genselan Pengerindu Nuan' will be compete for Semi final Anugerah Carta Sapa Juara, season 4 at Padang Aiport Lama, Kapit on 19 Auguts 2017.

You guy's can follow Anugerah Carta Sapa Juara official Facebook pages for further detail on the event.

Now back on her latest album.

Kaban Music Production (KMP) announce the title of the album is 'Bujang Atas Meligai'; the next chapter after 'Bujang Sebuyau' album.

Shasha Julian 'Bujang Atas Meligai' album expected on the market on this August 2017, you guy's may visit Kaban Music Production for daily basis update on Shasha Julian new album.

Check out Shasha Julian "Bujang Atas Meligai" album tracks;

01. Enda Nundukka Nuan
02. Bujang Atas Meligai
03. Danji Semaya Balang
04. Gawai Lelabi
05. Ngetanka Semaya ft. Jeffry
06. Bujang Lubok Antu
07. Terima Kasih Semua

Shasha Julian "Bujang Atas Meligai" album review shall not complete with some demo playlist from all the track shown above, do check it out below then.

Playlist: Shasha Julian "Bujang Atas Meligai" album review;

So, how the tracks demo above?

Yes, it will make your guy's more exciting to get on hand for Shasha Julian "Bujang Atas Meligai" album right-now. Cause all the tracks has it own strength on the lyrics and also more photogenic of Shasha Julian.

All track-list of Bujang Atas Meligai (Shasha Julian) album are property and copyright of their actual owners and provided for information resource for music lovers interested only to their favorite songs.

Support the artiste, album and the production by buying the ORIGINAL copy of CD/DVD and  mp3 that legally provided from them.

Bujang Atas Meligai (Shasha Julian) Album Review 2017; KMP.

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