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Karen Libau 'Mimpi Ke Serega' Album Review

Karen Libau 'Mimpi Ke Serega' Album Review

"Karen Libau datai baru enggau album Ke-2 'Mimpi Ke Serega' iya ti deka dikeluarka ba baruh perabung KMP enda lama agi. Arapka terus nyukung enggau bebelika album ti original tanda sukung ngagai industri musik Dayak." - credit goes to, Kaban Music Production.

After major success on 1st debut album; especially on 'Karam Ba Ati' single that has been a hit song and crown a best vocal on Anugerah Carta Sapa Juara 2016.

She's coming with a 2nd album 'Mimpi Ke Serega', under Kaban Music Production.

Can 'Mimpi Ke Serega' beat 'Karam Ba Ati'?

I'm not jugging anything here, just a fact that she has her own strong vocal and a mood of melody that will capture from her previous success.

Yes, 'Mimpi Ke Serega' is my another playlist song and others track will welcome you all with a new style and genres that can be digested on you ear.

To compare 'Mimpi Ke Serega'  with 'Karam Ba Ati' is not necessary, especially in my point of view.

Check it out Karen Libau 'Mimpi Ke Serega' album tracks;

1. 100% Nguai
2. Lelengau Ka Nuan
3. Mimpi Serega
4. Pengujung Meligai Tua
5. Sulu Dua Menua
6. Taman Lubang Kusing
7. Pengerindu Tekesai
8. Panjuk Bisi Amba

Playlist: Karen Libau 'Mimpi Ke Serega' Album Review

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Mimpi Ke Serega (Karen Libau) Album Review; KMP.

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