Tuesday, June 13, 2017

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Check 'Cinta Peras Bebi' Album Review, KMP

Check 'Cinta Peras Bebi' Album Review, KMP

credit: Kaban Music Production

Cinta Peras Bebi; Yes.. it's a Bidayuh album.

Kaban Music Production; not only steeping out from their comfort zone, but they have taken a challenge to energize our bidayuh songs (Serian & Bau) on 'Cinta Peras Bebi' album.

The compilation bidayuh songs featuring Dino, Bzia, Patricia and Reena Jay as a debut-an artiste under KMP talent search.

Meanwhile Junaila Barit aslo well known on bidayuh music, especially to those who a fan of The Hunters band; cause she also featuring The Hunters previous album.

As mention by KMP, the album tracks consist of 5 new songs and 4 of the tracks song are translate from KMP latest and popular lagu iban/ iban songs.
Not to further due any more, let us check and review 'Cinta Peras Bebi' album (KMP).

Check this track-listing of 'Cinta Peras Bebi' album;

01. Jak Boh Bigayung - Junaila Barit
02. Cinta Peras Bebi - Dino
03. Bujang Serikin - Reena Jay
04. Ngisu - Patricia
05. Benge - Reena Jay
06. Pilapaslah - Junaila Barit
07. Dali Pinyanyang Otin Ku - Bzia
08. Nogap Pingirindu - Dino & Patricia
09. Pimitiek Ku - Bzia

Playlist: 'Cinta Peras Bebi' Album Review, KMP

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Cinta Peras Bebi Album Review; KMP.

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