Wednesday, April 05, 2017

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Album 'Anang Salah Guna Kuasa' Linda Review

Album 'Anang Salah Guna Kuasa' Linda Review

Anang Salah Guna Kuasa and Di Rantai Pengerindu a most hearing tracks song from the album 'Anang Salah Guna Kuasa'.

Yes, it's a new album from Linda under LUH production.

All her fan and dayak music lover a now making a cover version, especially Di Rantai Pengerindu tracks.

And not forget, Anang Salah Guna Kuasa by Linda also feature on Lagu Tebilang CATS - Cats FM, so vote it right-now guy's.

The 'Anang Salah Guna Kuasa' Linda album full track-list is as follows;

01. Anang Salah Guna Kuasa
02. Enggai Bekunsi Nuan
03. Enda Sanggup Nganti Lama
04. Penyayau Enda Datai
05. Ngetan Ke Semaya
06. Di Rantai Pengerindu
07. Begedi
08. Anang Ninding-Ninding
09. Penyayau Enda Balang
10. Baka Buah Temu Bau

Playlist: Album 'Anang Salah Guna Kuasa' Linda

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'Anang Salah Guna Kuasa' Linda Review Album Review; LUH.

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