Thursday, February 09, 2017

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Bolkiah Rewinna 'Tetap Nganti' Album Review

Bolkiah Rewinna 'Tetap Nganti' Album Review

Here's a review for a new release album entitled 'Tetap Nganti' by LUH artiste Bolkiah Rewinna.

Bolkiah Rewinna 'Tetap Nganti' album tracklisting:

01. Tetap Nganti
02. Anchur Luluh Siti Pengerindu
03. Ibun Pengerindu Tua
04. Adat Pengerindu
05. Enggai Jauh Sulu
06. Pengerindu Aku Enggau Iya
07. Nasib Diri
08. Pengerindu Segi Tiga

Playlist: Bolkiah Rewinna 'Tetap Nganti' album tracks:

Sorry about the playlist, will updated later all the playlist track from the album 'Tetap Nganti' by Bolkiah Rewina,

So stay tune.

All track-list of Tetap Nganti (Bolkiah Rewinna) album are property and copyright of their actual owners and provided for information resource for music lovers interested only to their favorite songs.

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Tetap Nganti (Bolkiah Rewinna) Album Review; LUH.

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