Sunday, October 09, 2016

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2nd Single "Dayung Bidayuh" by Carrie Geres Review

It's has been a wow factor on the 2nd single "Dayung Bidayuh" by Carrie Geres.

Single "Dayung Bidayuh" is moving forward as we can see that it's more in to Hip Hop genres and more excitement feature on the tuning sound.

The 1st impression on "Dayung Bidayuh" is? Is this Carrie Geres? or Rihanna? Wow it good song; congrats to Carrie Geres;

"Dropping down new beats! Press Play for a Sneak Peek of my 2nd Single "Dayung Bidayuh" featuring my bro/producer/composer Mr Lester Geres! Music Video is on its WAY! And it WILL SOON be available for download on iTunes, Amazon and etc. Listen for free on Spotify and more. I'll keep y'all updated. Hope y'all like it! #bidayuh #trap #hiphop"

source: Carrie Geres

"Dayung Bidayuh" by Carrie Geres already topping on the table chart on Susun Carta Lagu-Lagu Bidayuh, WAIfm Bidayuh this week.

To those that haven't vote yet, go straight to WAIfm Bidayuh pages and press Like button for Dayung Bidayuh by Carrie Geres song on the spot ok.

"Sramat sesan bara peminat. Trimak kaseh begok tuduk nga sebab nga mo ngundi rgu 'Dayung Bidayuh' ndog yoh mead ke nombor 1 minggu repas. Do kembot undi ragu 'Dayung Bidayuh' minggu atik di carta WAIfm Bidayuh yoh?

Good morning my fabulous fans! Thanks a million for voting for 'Dayung Bidayuh' and bringing it up to number 1 last week. Don't forget to vote for 'Dayung Bidayuh' again this week in the WAIfm Bidayuh chart ya?

Type: bidayuh vote BIDAYUH
SMS to: 32728"

source: Carrie Geres

Hope you like my share on 2nd single from Carrie Geres 'Dayung Bidayuh', cause it's worth to know it.

And not forget to get her single "Dayung Bidayuh" through legal manner, it will be available on iTunes, Amazon and etc.

Cause it you do this it will be a good support to not only Carrie Geres single "Dayung Bidayuh" but also for all dayak music out there.

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