Sunday, September 18, 2016

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Debut Single The Violence AMBROSIA 'SADA PENGERINDU'

The Violence AMBROSIA(project band) - SADA PENGERINDU

Pencipta Lagu/Komposer/Penulis Lirik : Allex ALLERIA
Song Arrangement Idea : Allex ALLERIA
Song Arrangement : Allex ALLERIA & Ray ALLERIA & Ryan ALLERIA
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by HILLARY DIHED (Seventh Tribe Studio, Kuching)
VideoGrapher : Jerry Joseph & Berudi Ngelambai
Female Model : Jovita Bonaventure

Its our 1st single, ''Sada Pengerindu'', a project band from Kuching, Sarawak. This band consists three bands from all over Sarawak, ALLERIA(three members), EKLISIA(one member), EXHALE MY OZONE(one member) and our vocalist, KEITH WALTER from Sibu, and now we are united as a band!

''Sada Pengerindu'' was fully written by our Lead Guitarist(ALLEX ALLERIA). It's about a love that cannot be reached by the alive human being for the dead ones. In the past, they were just a normal lover. Are you willing to wait and seeking for the dead to be with someone that you really love but unreachable because of the death!

source: The Violence AMBROSIA

The Violence AMBROSIA members :

Keith Walter (Vocalist)
Allex ALLERIA (Lead Guitarist)
Ray ALLERIA (Rhythm Guitarist)
Ryan ALLERIA (Bassist)
Ronny TVA(Keyboardist)
Immanuel Jacob E.M.O (Drummer)

Press contact : 011 33317453 (Allex Alleria [Band Leader])

A must hearing song from The Violence AMBROSIA and this single 'SADA PENGERINDU' shall rock you guy's all over.

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