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Cats Xposed Chart, Cats Fm 2017

Cats Xposed Cats Fm

Updated: December 17, 2017, Weeks 51, credit goes to: Cats Xposed; CatsFm

Ruai Music Dayak are back again with the latest update on the Cat Xposed chart that the result a provide here is a reference from the official Cats Fm, Cats Xposed chart.  Credit to them.

Guest what? Here's the reviews of CATS XPOSED chart list for weeks 51, 2017 that feature our own local artists, bands and songs.

"Hantar Lagu Karya Anda berserta butiran lengkap menerusi email kami di atau dalam bentuk CD/VCD ke alamat Lot 287, Jalan Bako Petrajaya 93050 Kuching Sarawak." - source, CatsFM

How to vote your favorite songs on Cats Xposed? just follow the instruction below:

Just follow/ click this official Catsfm site [Link] to vote your favorite songs on CATS Xposed - Cats Fm.

Weeks 51: Cats Xposed Chart, Cats Fm 2017 List

***for the each single video, do click 'Music Video' to review each individual video

01. Crita Edih - Ewin Nelson    >> Music Video
02. Damai Yang Hilang - The Family Man ft Adi Johar    >> Music Video
03. Pencinta Rahsia - Ashrun Zikri    >> Music Video
04. Pedis - Andra Band    >> Music Video
05. Pemerindang - Fixxer    >> Music Video
06. Autophobia - Eagle Crown    >> Music Video
07. Akhiri Segala - Darnestra    >> Music Video
08. 1000 Rasa Cinta - Daus Eli ft Knowno    >> Music Video
09. Mun Gugok (ft.Dedeq Faz) - Asyraf Hardy    >> Music Video
10. Tetap Ku Ambi - Awin Borneo   >> Music Video
11. Kaliskan Cinta - Marcos Joel    >> Music Video
12. Kau Hadir - Edan Kasmaran    >> Music Video
13. Lets Go - Ja'Aram Tai    >> Music Video
14. Syurga Mimpi - Surveillance    >> Music Video
15. Pacar Tirimu - Amisu    >> Music Video

New Entry Songs: Sayang Lasykar Seni    >> Music Video

Out: Popular (ft.Joeshrl) - Galvin Patrick    >> Music Video

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Video: Cats Xposed, Cats Fm Songs

***click play all to listen all the songs listed on cats xposed; cats fm.

All the result for weeks 51 Cats Xposed Chart, Cats Fm are reviews on the Ruai Music Dayak is taken from the official Cats Xposed, Cat Fm chart list. For the source, I would like to credit back to Cats Fm taht has been exposde our own local Sarawak talent.

For more detail of Cats Xposed Chart, Cats Fm 2017, do visit their official web site here: >

Hope you guy's enjoy my share of Cats Xposed, Cats Fm 2017 chart list and don't forget to vote them and support our local music.

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