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DaraRumahPanjai DP | Ruai Lagu Iban alai kitai bekunsi lagi-lagu iban popular kemaya ari. Sukung meh lagu (dayak) iban kitai awak sejalai enggau lagu tebukai. Lagu Iban kitai, identiti bangsa kitai.

Greeting from me to all the Dayak's Music lovers out there and Welcome to 'Ruai Music Dayak's'. This portal is provided to give an information such as new single, album, artists and other news that wondering around on our local music industry. Do support me an follow me on Google+ to direct update and new post on the blog.

All the source information on the 'Ruai Music Dayak's' is taken from all the internet, for your concern if the article provided here wrongly produce or not suppose to post here do comment me and i will taken it out from this blog.

For support of the music industry of Sarawak people; hope you guy's deign to follow me on Google+ and last word for me thanks again for stopping by and welcome to those who new here.

So what's RUAI DAYAK'S MUSIC blog?

Ruai Dayak Music blog previously known as 'YouTube Lagu Iban'; the migration of the previous blog has been move to a new domain. The target of ruai music dayak blog are also the same where it's to exposure for or local lagu iban/labu bidayuh (Dayak Music) not just for Sarawakian but whole of Malaysia (this is a main priority for the existence of this blog and an extra expose information on our local Sarawak music taste and sound like to whole world).

Ruai dayak Music also a main medium to recognize our local talent,artists and bands at Sarawak.

At Ruai Music Dayak; provide info/fuzz/gossip on iban artist's, band's and their latest new coming album or single's Dayak Music. Ruai Music Dayak believe that our local iban song "Lagu Iban" and other Dayak Music can be competitive with others music that well known today and can develop more creative and original iban (Dayak Music) song towards the future of iban (Dayak Music) music industry.

Give it Thumb-Up for Our Local Iban (Dayak Music) Song and the Others Ethnic Music. Keep supporting our own local Lagu Iban/ BIdayuh (Dayak Music) and for the best of Dayak Music Industry.

About The Author:

Hai; as you all knew I'm DaraRumahPanjai DP ; they owner and the writer of this blog Ruai Music Dayak. I'm Iban girls and a blogger that like to write, as a passion and hobby I create this blog to acknowledge our dayaks music and other's ethnic music, this blog is a medium to expose our music.

Credit to all the source such as the production, artists and others that has been contribute for given me an idea to post all the information about our music.

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