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Lagu Tebilang Cats, Cats FM 2017

Updated: November 11, 2017

Weeks 45: Lagu Tebilang Cats, Cats Fm Charts

Hey guy's, it's already NOVEMBER 2017, so any songs do you like to see on the top of  Cats fm charts for this month? Grab an information about the latest up to date Lagu Tebilang Cats, Cats Fm charts where all the source and result are coming from Cats Fm.

Just vote guy's. Here's the latest Carta Mingguan Ke 45 of Carta Lagu Tebilang CATS on Cats Fm; for the voters keep on voting your favorite songs and artists if you all like to see them take the no.1 places on Lagu Tebilang CATS and continues to stand on the Carta Lagu Tebilang CATS.

Carta Lagu Tebilang CATS, CATS FM 2017

Carta Lagu Tebilang CATS setiap SABTU jam 2pm hingga 5pm

How to vote your favorite lagu iban on carta Lagu Tebilang CATS? Easy guy's, just hit the button  "VOTE" on the official Lagu Tebilang CATS chart link on Cats Fm website > Here

Views the latest chart table for Carta Mingguan Ke-45 Carta Lagu Tebilang CATS, CATS FM 2017:

No.1 Betanya - Hallvard Band       > Music Video | Lirik Lagu
No.2 Always In My Heart - Dara Hellena       > Music Video | Lirik Lagu
No.3 Indu Dara Iban Bidayuh - Teelong T       > Music Video | Lirik Lagu
No.4 Ukai Antah Dipilih Nuan - Leez Zwita       > Music Video | Lirik Lagu
No.5 Pangan Antara Menua - Joyce Menti & Joseph Dresa       > Music Video | Lirik Lagu
No.6 Anang Salah Guna Kuasa - Linda       > Music Video | Lirik Lagu
No.7 Anang Loba-Loba - Jennarino Jeraki       > Music Video | Lirik Lagu
No.8 Ketegal Jaku Urang - Hairee Francis       > Music Video | Lirik Lagu
No.9 Tetap Nganti - Bolkiah       > Music Video | Lirik Lagu
No.10 Mimpi Ke Serga - Karen Libau       > Music Video | Lirik Lagu
No.11 Semina Pengingat Aja - Iva Stanley       > Music Video | Lirik Lagu

New  - 

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Here's the music video i share below that consist of all the Carta Mingguan Ke 42 Carta Lagu Tebilang CATS songs that compete. Click 'PLAY ALL" for the Lagu Tebilang CATS playlist video.

Like to see your favorite artist topping or staying on the Carta Mingguan Lagu Tebilang CATS; do vote them cause the power for voting is on yours hand. Keep on supporting our local Sarawak Music.

All the results are credit to the ORIGINAL source such as Cats Fm, and for the music video that shown here is a result from extracting on the YouTube; so I don't own any credit for this; the credit given to the up-loader.

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